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Ryan and Tam {Hamilton Wedding}

I’m pretty sure if you look up the definition of ‘laid-back’ in the dictionary that Tam and Ryan will be referenced there. These guys are awesome, and their relaxed outlook on life

Hello, ‘Hello May’

Everybody loves Hello May. They’re up there with the best wedding blogs not just in Australia, but across this big old planet we call home. They’ve helped set the benchmark for the modern

The Wyatt’s, est. 9-11-2013

So it’s been almost a year since we got married, but I lost this blog post when I upgraded my website. Here it is again :) Suz and I decided that an overseas wedding would suit us best, being

Will and Simone

This day. It was awesome. Will and Simone are the kind of people that typify the Sunshine Coast – they are two super chilled, laid back, smiley rays of sunshine. And because good things happen

Polka Dot Bride Feature

It’s not everyday you get published on your favourite wedding blog, so I was really honoured when Hayley and James’s stunning wedding made it onto the hallowed pages of Polka Dot Bride!

In the Sunday Times!

This is pretty cool. I shot Sara and Richie’s wedding across in Perth a few months go, and it got featured in the Sunday Times this weekend! All thanks to these two good lookers, I know, but

Smiles. All Day Long.

Dave and Amy are not known for doing things in half measures, and their wedding was no exception. These are the guys who gave us the fearless ‘big dip’ for their first kiss, which you can

Feedback Love

Positive feedback rocks my world… I feel it justifies my role at a wedding, reinforces my belief in myself as a photographer. I had a couple of emails recently that made me smile from happy

Richie and Sara

I’ve been friends with Richie and Sara for a long time. They live their lives via a philosophy of fun and happiness… the kind of couple who will pick you up and carry you along with them

Dave and Amy – That Dress!

And here they are, Dave and Amy… the faces behind the big dip. I loved photographing these two, they just oozed style and looked into the camera with almost the same intensity as they looked at

Amy and Dave

I shot this gorgeous wedding at The Riad in the Byron Bay hinterland. I’m mid-edit, but just wanted to share this cool moment. It’s not often you see people go for the big dip on their

Sarah and Pete

Weddings make me feel good about life. All that love on display, the commitments being made, the tenderness, the happiness – I always feel honoured to be a part of them. Sarah and Pete’s