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I’m pretty sure if you look up the definition of ‘laid-back’ in the dictionary that Tam and Ryan will be referenced there. These guys are awesome, and their relaxed outlook on life really translated to their wedding day… it was super-cool, super-chilled and super family-friendly. They were joined by their family and friends who trekked from all across the globe, and most importantly they were joined by their two boys, Aaron and Ethan. They even had one of their best buddies take over the celebrant duties, which added an additional touch of warmth to the wedding ceremony. Everything had a very natural, easy-going feel to it… and to top it all off, we were blessed with some light for the photoshoot. The Northshore River Cafe in Hamilton provided the ideal location, with it’s lush lawn and river backdrop, and Amey from Pack a Perfect Party was an amazing stylist as usual. Here’s some photographs from the day.


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Everybody loves Hello May. They’re up there with the best wedding blogs not just in Australia, but across this big old planet we call home. They’ve helped set the benchmark for the modern wedding style, and it’s a style that influences tonnes of everyday brides, wedding suppliers, videographers, photographers… you get the picture!

So I’m pretty stoked that one of the weddings I photographed made it onto the hallowed pages of the Hello May blog! It’s a real honour, but the real credit of course goes to the lovely Amy and Dave, whose wedding at the Riad in the Byron Bay hinterland was nothing short of exceptional. A stunning day… relive it via Hello May here:

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So it’s been almost a year since we got married, but I lost this blog post when I upgraded my website. Here it is again :)

Suz and I decided that an overseas wedding would suit us best, being the high flyers that we are, so we jumped on a ferry with a few mates and went across to Stradbroke Island. Stradbroke does have the wonderful effect of transporting you a million miles away from the headspace you occupy on the mainland, so although it was only a few kilometres from shore, we could have been on a deserted island in the middle of the Coral Sea.

We didn’t want the glamour and bright lights of a big wedding, we wanted something defined by simplicity, love, commitment and friendship. So we did away with the reception, we did away with shoes, we shrunk the guest list (that was the hardest part) and if we coudn’t make a decoration then we didn’t have it there. We signed our vows on top of three cartons of beer covered in a sheet. We exchanged rings we bought at the West End Markets the day before, and we ate food and drank punch prepared by the guests. It was the best day of our lives.

Our families were with us in spirit, and via their lovely messages and sentiments sent across cyberspace. Suzy’s  uncle and cousins made it over from Perth, and her folks watched their precious only daughter get married via Skype on an iPad. Which I imagine is an incredibly hard thing to do, but they gave us their love and support along the whole journey. My sister and Suzy’s brother made surprise appearances (well, nearly) from across the world, both I think on a very specific mission to elicit as many tears as possible from their siblings. Mission accomplished.  Mission additionally accomplished by the presence of our friends whose efforts, generosity and love simply blew us away.

The ceremony lasted 20 minutes and then we drank, talked and toasted the world on the beach for another couple of hours. Not a long time, but moments that will replay in my mind for eternity, and moments that we hope will sit with our friends and family who were there for a very long time. Less is more sometimes I guess, and on the 9th of November we feel like we got blessed with the most possible.

Words can’t do justice to the spot we got married in. A paperbark forest next to one of the most beautiful beaches in the country… we were spoiled. Have a look at these photographs and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Many thanks to our good buddies Roger Rail and Gav Hodges for taking on the wedding photography duties for the day, fantastic job!

For a similar sized wedding, check out Sarah and Pete’s awesome wedding in Fremantle, WA.

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When I took these photos Sophie was a few weeks old, and me and Suz were expecting our first baby in a couple of months. We were scared… well, I was more like terrified to be honest. But then I did this shoot, and experienced a kind of shift in my thinking. I was a little less terrified and a little more excited. Sophie’s parents Ryan and Liz were also hitting the road for the first time on this crazy parenthood journey, and were both just so stoked with life. Liz told us how the thing she was most unprepared for was the intensity of the love she felt for her daughter… which I thought was a really important statement, because that was the one thing we hadn’t thought about preparing for. It kinda put into perspective the whole notion of family and having kids, and made me look forward to having our own!

Anyway, I hope the photos convey the love, inclusion and tenderness of these three lovely people. If you’re in Brisbane and interested in getting some similar family or baby photographs taken, drop me a line.

Want to see another family shoot? I blogged about Tom and his daughter Amelie here.

Or go here for my most recent wedding :)


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This day. It was awesome.

Will and Simone are the kind of people that typify the Sunshine Coast – they are two super chilled, laid back, smiley rays of sunshine. And because good things happen to good people, their wedding followed those themes like it was scripted… in a really good way.  And with all the hard work they both put in, they did everything short of script it. A wedding this well organised allows the bride and groom and their families to just breeze through the day, relaxed and worry free because they know everything is going to turn out great. So Will and Simone could just be themselves, which makes my job as the wedding photographer real easy. Everyone was smiling, having a great time and really appreciating the day.

There were plenty personal touches of style and class added to proceedings that turned this into a really funky wedding. For me there were a couple of standouts… the stunning red Volkswagen Kombi (provided by Deluxe Kombi Service) that served as the wedding car was one of them. It perfectly suited Will and Simone, you can see it in some of the photos below. I also thought the Annabella Chapel, where they chose to have their ceremony, was simply amazing. Nestled into the foresty hills of the Sunny Coast hinterland, it treads the line between modern and vintage with grace and style, providing the perfect backdrop for artistic photography. Have a squiz at what we created below!

If you’re getting married on the Sunshine Coast, or anywhere else in Australia for that matter, contact me  and I’ll answer your wedding photography questions.

If you liked the vintage-y style of this wedding, have a look at Hayley and James’s wedding in Dunsborough.

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It’s not everyday you get published on your favourite wedding blog, so I was really honoured when Hayley and James’s stunning wedding made it onto the hallowed pages of Polka Dot Bride! This Dunsborough wedding was such a pleasure to photograph, I loved every second of it, and I’m so glad it’s reaching a wider audience via this amazing wedding blog. Check out the Polka Dot Bride story here, and for my own blog post of this wedding visit this page. As a reminder to me and you, below are a couple of my favourite photos from this wedding :)

If you’re getting married in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, contact me and I’ll answer any questions you may have about your wedding photography!


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